Friday, April 4, 2014

D-Day can now happen. We have our PBO!

It’s a exciting week this week because we finally got our PBO (pre-birth order) from the court.  This is the major, most important, paperwork of all because it allows the state to actually look at us at the ‘legal’ parents, even though this little man is genetically ours.  

The PBO is quite a long process, which is normally started early in the 2nd trimester because without the PBO we have no legal rights to the baby, at the hospital, or after discharge.  We got our’s a little late in the game, as typically you want to have it before the 25th week,  but now that we have it we can all breath a sigh of relief. 

When a surrogate is used, hospital and state birth record procedures operate to put the surrogate’s name on the original birth record as the child’s mother simply because she gave birth. If the surrogate is married, her husband’s name is also typically put on the original birth record as the father. The surrogate’s husband’s name can be removed from the birth certificate upon the parent’s execution of an acknowledgement of paternity, however there is usually no similar procedure available for the intended mother (genetic mother) who does not give birth. As a result, the surrogate must participate in a legal proceeding before birth to place both intended parent’s names on the original birth record and terminate her presumptive parental rights. 

In order to do this we had to go through a very expensive legal ‘battle’ in which we had to ‘serve’ them custody papers showing we were suing for legal parentage rights.  The courts have not yet caught up with modern time and therefore have no individualized paperwork for this process, instead the paperwork that is filed is the same paperwork used in a custody dispute.  Thankfully all parties were given a heads up for how harsh and abrupt the paperwork would read, if we were not forewarned it would have come to a shock for all of us when papers were ‘served’ reading "You Are Being Sued."  Thankfully it was an easy process since no one was consteding the custody and signing away legal rights was not an issue!  This custody hearing was totally opposite previous custody battles we have been through, and I only wish it was always this smooth and easy! 

But now that it is all done little man can show up at anytime - although we would like him to cook a little longer.  But if he does decide to kick his way free there will be no issues as to who are the 'legal' parents are.  Now just hoping the paperwork doesn't get lost in the mail on its way to us. 

So you are wondering what the countdown on the top of this blog is?  Well, we finally have our c-section date on the books.   Looks like Daddy and I will be having to share our anniversary with one special little man … May 16, 2014 we will finally get to meet this little miracle!  Best anniversary present we could ask for - at least we both get out of having to get each other gifts this year!

WEEK 31:
What’s going on with me this week:  My eyes have completely opened & dilate or contract in response to light/darkness.
I am going through major brain & nerve development this week.  I am processing information, tracking light and perceiving signals from all 5 of my senses.
My likes:  yawning, sucking my thumb, and giving hefty kicks to the diaphragm.
My turn-offs:  getting the hiccups, really loud noises and trying to do all that boring “sleeping” at night.  
I am already starting to take after mommy, I shouldn't be expected to wake up until at least noon … and play time should begin around 11 at night of course!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

When Bad News is Good News

With the last update I shared about the placenta malformation we were diagnosed with.  Unfortunately it took WEEKS to get in with the specialist, military medicine is not the easiest thing to wade through.  But finally with the Grace of God, all parties kept their sanity, although not by much, and we were finally able to get in earlier this week.

At one of our last OB appointments we were given many different situations that could possibly happen but the one that weighed heaviest on our hearts was that with is is succenturiate placenta we were also dealing with Vasa Previa.  

Vasa Previa is a very rare placenta malformation that is extremely dangerous to the baby during labor and delivery, even can be fatal.  Vasa Previa involves fetal vessels which are connecting the accessory placenta to the main placenta and thus those vessels can crossing or running close to or over the cervix.  The vessels are unsupported by the umbilical cord or placenta and are at risk of rupturing when the supporting membranes rupture and if they are ruptured the baby has a 2-3 minute window until fatality can occur, by potentially bleeding out.  Because of the severe danger to the baby with this condition, it would require bed-rest hospitalization around 32 weeks in order to watch the baby, and the vessels,  however even if the vessels were to rupture in the hospital the doctor stated they may not even be able to get the baby out safely in time.  It was not news either party was wanting to hear and weighed heavy on everyones hearts. 

The level 2 ultrasound brought us great news – we are NOT dealing with Vasa Previa but Placenta Previa.  Might be bad news to most, but for us it was the best news we could hear. One of the placentas is still completely covering little mans exit out, so c-section is still inevitable and we get to continue with the current doctors orders: limited activity, pelvic rest and scheduled c-section at 36 weeks but nothing like having to be informed hospitalization is needed.  So all-in-all we got the great news we were hoping to hear.  Total answered prayer!!  

As for the possible genetic conditions that were presented to us with the positive Triple-Screen, we had our genetic counseling appointment the same day – it was our 4th or 5th one now – and we didn’t learn much that we already didn’t know.  We agreed to no amnio, not that we could do it anyway because of the placenta issue and being so late in the pregnancy, but we were offered further blood testing if we wanted.  The blood test would look at the major chromosome syndromes (13, 15, 17, 21) but we didn’t feel that was necessary unless the baby was showing some problems.  

Little Mans big 'ol feet

When we did the 2nd anatomy scan baby looked perfectly healthy.  All major organs checked out perfect and he was already measuring in at 3lb 3oz, in the 61st percentile … which is good since he will be 4 weeks early anyway. 

He still refuses to show us his face, so all we got was this 1/4 profile picture. 
We cant thank everyone enough for the prayers – the Lord sure did answer them and keeping little man healthy and safe and growing strong.  We have another doctors appointment on the 27th and another on the 1st and hoping to get our date on the book at one of those appointments, as far as when we get to meet him.  But from my best guess-timate we have about 47ish days to go. 

I can do a lot now at 29 WEKS:

**  Little mans brain is busy developing billions of neurons (takes after mommy)

**  I am close to my birth length, just need a little more time to chub out

** I can taste and maybe even indicate preferences or dislike for my particular tastes

** I can sense light and may even move to follow a blinking light if you put it up to me

** My eyes move in their sockets and I am already dreaming.  

 ** I am quite the night owl and like to play every night around 1045/11pm!  I'm helping my mom and day out because they are not morning people!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Little Rock of the Boat

We got some scary news about a 3 weeks ago after our anatomy scan follow up.  Seems like our luck never fails us, and always seems to follow us, although have to say the news could have been much worse so I am grateful for what it was.
A look at a Succenturiate Placenta after delivery 

The news came that we were dealing with what is called Succenturiate Placenta, a more rare placenta malformation.  Succenturiate Placenta is also called an accessory lobe, which pretty much explains exactly what it is.  It  is an accessory lobe to the main placenta.  

It currently is not causing any harm to BB or Baby H and both are doing fine (minus the extreme fatigue and body aches) and little man is growing just has he should be.  So thank the Lord for that!!  And we are all very thankful there is no need for bed-rest as I know that would be quite the stressor for all parties.  

 The problem with Succenturiate Placenta lies during labor and/or delivery, or if there is any PROM (premature rupture of the membranes) or bleeding.  The smaller lobe of the placenta (the extra lobe) can sometimes have areas of disease or atrophy and the membranes between the lobes in such placentas can be torn during delivery, which can be fatal to the baby and cause hemorrhaging to BB during/after delivery.  

If a women tries to have a natural vaginal delivery, without Succenturiate Placenta being diagnosed, there is a 90% chance of fetal fatality, so we are very grateful the radiologist was on his game the day we went in.  Even with the diagnosis the Lord was watching over all of us and we are very thankful! With that said Baby H will definitely be a c-section baby, guess he will be taking after his momma from the start!  

The biggest concern during pregnancy with Succenturiate Placenta is if there is bleeding; things can go from “perfectly fine” to “very dangerous” in a matter of minutes as there is about a 15-mintue window, once bleeding occurs, to get the baby out safely before baby potentional bleeds out.  

After we got hit with that news, we also were informed that our triple screen came back with some higher than normal markers and there could be a problem genetically with the baby.  Since we know the embryos were tested with CGH at 5-days and the report came back that they were genetically normal, it is most likely false concerns, and to be honest, we are not very concern over all this.  But with that said, we know CGH testing does have a window of error and since we have a history of a daughter with Downs and big brother with Optiz, although we are not concerned much about all this, there is still a small reality something more could be going on.  

The good news to all of this, even though we have been hit with some pretty scary pregnancy complication, everyone is currently doing well and all in good health.  Praise God!  We are still waiting to met with the MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist) so that we can get a better insight to what exactly the full picture is.  Due to some poor-customer-service-socialized-medicine staff members and insurance hiccups, its taken *a lot* longer than expect, and added some unnecessary stressful days, but we are finally on the road to getting things squared away to get in for the appointment.

The little man is still a wiggling around every day ... well more like doing rabid mongoose flippin', which might not be comfortable to her or her bladder, but is a good sign … and he is putting on the baby fat just like he should.  We will be scheduling a c-setion at 36 weeks and now on a more rush schedule to get things done and ready for his arrival.  

Of course any prayers would be tremendously appreciated; prayers for the little mans health and that he will continue to grow as expected and for comfort and safety for BB during delivery.  Prayers that we would encounter no more complications and that both Baby H and BB will be under the care of wise doctors and nurses as we get closer to the delivery date.  

Silver linings to all this: 
**  Get to skip the last month of pregnancy, which is thrilling for all parites involved. 
**  The hormones that are released when a body is under stressful circumstantces (like these) helps mature the babys lungs faster than normal which he will need for an earlier than expected arrival  
**  More u/s and trips to see the little man

WEEK 26:  My growing features & talents
-- I'm almost 2 whole lbs & 14" long
-- My feet are 2" long (unless I have moms gorilla feet) and my hands are very active exploring my surroundings  
-- I get the hiccups from time to time
-- All 5 of my sense are fully developed and I am beginning to open my eyes
-- I respond to touch, so I may play with you if you mess with me, if I am feeling up to it.
-- If you could see my hair you would be able to discern the color and texture 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Who gets the newest Valentine next year?

Well its been 10 long weeks of everyone wondering what this little peanut is.  It's been fun keeping this little secret to ourselves, since everything else about this pregnancy is so public … but I know its time to spill the beans so,  with the majority of guesses around GIRL (girl 13, boy 6) ... looks like someone was right  ….

... Looks like Mommy gets another Valentines to add to her list next year!  I am definitely out numbered in this house now but cant wait for these next 12 weeks to pass us by so we can meet his Little Man, ill take being out numbered any day!   


- I'm just about a foot long now - big as an ear of corn
- I'm gaining 3 oz a week in muscle, bone mass and organs
- My taste buds are beginning to form and soon my sweat glands will be forming
- Little creases have appeared on my palms
- My see-through skin is gradually becoming more opaque and has a new pink glow, thanks to all the small capillaries that have recently formed. 
- I have a 36% chance at survival 
- I am officially at the edge of viability, and most hospitals would automatically attempt every possible life-saving option if I were to be born now.  

Monday, February 10, 2014

Whats your guess? Another little man or Daddy's first girl?

We have had everyone under the sun curiously, and constantly, asking when we are going to announce what we are having.  Since this pregnancy has been so public, its been fun having a little secret to keep to ourselves for awhile.  Since we are excepting this little bundle in another 13-ish weeks I guess its time we share our secret …. but before we do I am interested to see how split everyone is on their guess.

I wasn't sure how to add a poll to this blog post but on the right hand of the screen you can see there is a poll listed.  Love to hear what your guess is for Baby H!

Sweet as a Grapefruit @ 23 Weeks
-  I'm as big as the ruler in your desk drawer, and weigh around a lb.
-  My face is fully formed, I now have to work on adding fat to my cheeks for you to kiss!
- My ears are preparing for the outside world.  I keen ears can hear honking cars, dogs barking and that loud vacuum you always have running. 
-  My eyebrows are visible & I can successfully suck
-  The bones in my inner ear hardened and I finally have a sense of direction.  I know when I am upside-down or right side up.  
- If born now I have a 20% chance of survival 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Mango Dipped in Cheese

Only took half the pregnancy, but f.i.n.a.l.l.y a profile pic.  

A Mango Dipped in Cheese … Yes, its an odd name for this weeks blog, but that’s what our little one currently looks like, due to its growth spurt and the waxy substance that is starting to grease her/his skin.
We went for our first 3D photo session last week and it was so much fun getting a peek inside our little-buggers world.  Since Daddy is getting snatched up again by the Marine Corps he won't be here for the big 20-week U/S, so we did it a little early to make sure Daddy could see too.  As always, little-bugger (our best friends little girl named "PEEP") wanted to be stubborn and was sunngled up tight to its warm little placenta – showing us absoultly nothing.  But after the lady pulled out some “3 little piggy” moves and shook "peep's"
 house up, s/he finally turned over to give us a little peek… and the finger. 
Leave me alone - I'm sleeping!

My favorite of all was the big’ol smile we got – we have one happy little one in there!
Oh a picture? … "Cheese"

"Peep" is measuring right on track for head circumference but over a week ahead in length.  Not sure where these legs came from but wow, oh wow, looks like we will have a long and skinny one on the way!

- Around 10” from head to toes
- Rapid-fire growth portion is over
- Baby is fully assembled; just needs some fatting up and lengthening out
- Sensory development is exploding
- Hair on the scalp is starting to sprout
- Pigment is starting to develop in the skin
- Baby can dream, and is only awake for about 6 hours day

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We made it! Welcome to the 2nd Trimester.

I know its been awhile and I needed to give another update and now that the holidays are behind us, and we are done living out of a suitcase, I will be better with more frequent Baby Heaton updates.

We are closing in on our half way mark, and so far its gone by fairly fast, but then again dealing with both our dad's dying, 2 memorials in 2 months, our sons surgery and the holidays, I guess it can keep one pretty busy.  Now that we finally have a moment to pick our heads up and take a breath we realize half the pregnancy has gone by!  YAY!!  Now just hoping the last half goes by even faster.  

The most recent pictures of our little wiggle worm were taken 5 weeks ago and although we didn’t get many pictures, at least we walked out with one.  I have to admit this U/S was pretty awesome as we got to see our little turkey touching and mess with her face.  I was expecting the doctor would snap a picture for us with her arms flaling around and him touching his face – but I guess they didn't find it too important and didn't capture those imagines for us, apparently they don’t find every movement as special as we do.   I was hoping to take some video as well but the doctor, this time around, was very adamant we didn’t.  We have watched the last video clip like a broken record – thank goodness for newer technology cause I'm sure by now the tape would be scratched and worn out.  We will have to have chat ahead of time with our next U/S doc to see if we can get some new video to watch… over, and over, and over!  

Anyway here is the little, but oh so mighty, Baby Heaton.  And true to genes the little turkey is still being stubborn as heck.  Moving, dancing and wiggling like crazy but refusing to let us get a profile picture or flip over so we can see her little face – takes after mommy in that tummy sleeping position, but at least we know he won’t be snoring like daddy and big brother …. Or at least I can hope!

Baby Heaton -- face down and stubborn to boot, showing off absolutely nothing to us.

While you were busy snapping pictures of me:
--  I have formed all 20 teeth, which are waiting under my gums, for those long, sleepless days of teething
--  I am developing my vocal cords to to keep you up all night.
--  I have my own unique set of fingerprints
--  My intestines are migrating from my umbilical cord to my abdomen
-- My head is slowly catching up  …
now just 1/3 the size of my body
-- If I am a girl, I have over 2 million of my own eggs (which means we have half the makings of our grandbabies)
-- I love to stuck on my thumb and explore my face